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A New Year

Special Edition

A New Year
Editions:Kindle - Second: $ 0.99 USD
Pages: 75

Heath is at the end of his rope. The British high school senior is ready to jump off a bridge, to end it all, when Finn shows up.

Finn is a man with a secret, someone who will change the course of Heath’s life in a single night, and then vanish back into the fog.

But the two men are linked in ways Heath can’t even imagine, and when the time is right, they will see each other once again.

This special edition includes two versions of the story - the UK one that was originally published in the "Candle in the Dark" anthology, and the original (never before published) version set in San Francisco.


It was New Year's Day, 1989, an hour after midnight, and it was the end of things for Heath.

Or it should have been. It was also the night he first met Finn.

A chunk of old cement crumbled away beneath his feet, falling into the river far below. The bridge railing was cold at his back, and he could see his breath in the midnight air. The water of the River Severn rushed by beneath him, silver in the moonlight and heavily laden with winter rain. As soon as he gathered his courage, Heath would take his own life into his hands, for once, and would leap into those icy waters to disappear forever from the world of men.

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