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The Bear at the Bar

The Bear at the Bar
Editions:Kindle - Second: $ 0.99 USD
Pages: 29

Dex is a gay Adonis.

When he walks into Seattle's Ransom bar, heads turn. He can have just about anyone he wants, and he does, every night.

Until he meets a bear at the bar and everything changes.

"The Bear at the Bar" is a short story originally published in 2014 in the "A Taste of Honey" anthology.

Publisher: Other Worlds Ink

Dex walked into Ransom on a Thursday night like he owned the place, grinning at the bouncer, who sneered at him even as he waved him past the door.

Jealous.They were all jealous.

The music was the usual thumpa thumpa beat—a mix of house techno and the latest hits this week from the youngest, cutest artists.

Dex was born for this life—tall, blond, blue-eyed, a beautiful athletic build with six-pack abs, and a body that everyone in the club acknowledged was gorgeous. And he hardly had to work for it at all.

And so what if he didn’t have a boyfriend? Who needed to be tied down like that? He was still well on this side of thirty and had a virtual lifetime of casual sex ahead of him. He flashed a perfectly white smile at one of the go-go boys on the bar, and the boy blushed and grinned back.

Dex had a certain kind of sexual power, and he wasn’t ashamed to use it.

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