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Editions:Kindle - First: $ 0.99 USD
Pages: 17

Christopher woke with a splitting headache, from a night of drinking and trying to forget the loss of his husband Eric. Trying to block out the beautiful elfin man in his strange dreams.

It was time for Christopher to take his first flight since Eric's mysterious mid-air disappearance. But the stress of it all was too much, as the world slowly closed in on him. When had everything gotten so tight?

Where had Eric gone?

And what would happen when Christopher just couldn't take it anymore?


The wind rushed past his face, cool drops of moisture hitting his cheeks as the ground flew past below—the buried machinery of Gas Works Park, the rippling waters of Lake Union, the crumpled form of Gehry's EMP next to the Space Needle with the Seattle skyline as a backdrop. So close he could almost touch them. His hand was entwined with another's.

He'd always wanted to fly...

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