POINT OF VIEW: Relief and Sadness at the Finish Line

Scott GRL prep

Hey all, It’s a strange juxtaposition of events for me this week. Tomorrow my latest novel, “The Rising Tide,” comes out, the long-awaited sequel to last year’s “The Stark Divide.” Forever is evolving, both the world and its people, and at the same time leaving Old Earth far behind. And trouble is brewing… Just three … Read more

POINT OF VIEW: Normalandia


Hey all, As I was thinking about what to write this week, it struck me that I am living in two very different worlds simultaneously. Bizzaro World and Normalandia. In Normalandia, life proceeds as usual. I wake up each morning, get some writing done, and get to work. Mark and I have breakfast together, work … Read more

Point of View: The Balance

Scott sword

You can write whatever you want. No, seriously. You are a writer. If you want to write about the fine mesh of belly button lint, or wax eloquent in a poem about how sunlight glints off the dewdrops on a dandelion in the early morning, or even share your deepest, darkest sexual fantasy, you can … Read more