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Scott Millennium FalconI’ve always lived in the space between the here and now and the what could be. Indoctrinated into fantasy and sci fi by my mother at the tender age of nine, I devoured her library. But as I grew up and read the golden age classics and more modern works as well, I began to wonder where all the people like me were.

After I came out at twenty three, I decided that it was time to create the kinds of stories I couldn’t find at Waldenbooks. If there weren’t many gay characters in my favorite genres, I would reimagine them myself, populating them with men who loved men. I would subvert them and remake them to my own ends. And if I was lucky enough, someone else would want to read the things I wrote.

My friends say my brain works a little differently – I sees relationships between things that others miss, and get more done in a day than most folks manage in a week. Although I was born an introvert, I learned to reach outside himself and connect with others like me.

I write stories that subvert expectations, that seek to transform traditional sci fi, fantasy, and contemporary worlds into something new and unexpected. I also run both Queer Sci Fi and QueeRomance Ink with my husband Mark, sites that bring people like us together to promote and celebrate fiction that reflects our own reality.

Scott and MarkMy writing, whether romance or genre fiction (or a little bit of both) brings a queer energy to my stories, infusing them with love, beauty and power and making them soar. I imagine a world that could be, and in the process, maybe changes the world that is, just a little.

I live with my husband of 25 years (Mark, right) in a leafy Sacramento, California suburb, in a little yellow house with a brick fireplace and a couple pink flamingoes out front.

Publishing History:

I sold my first story, a magical realism short called “The Bear at the Bar”, to Dreamspinner for the “A Taste of Honey” anthology (Dreamspinner, Amazon), which came out in August 2014.

My second published story, a southwestern-themed MM romance short entitled “Autumn Wind”, was published in the Seattle Journal “Poplorish” in November, 2014. You can download the journal free here.

My third published short story, a modern-day fantasy entitled “A New Year”, came out in late November 2014 in the “Candle in the Dark” holiday anthology (InkySuki store) from Inkstained Succubus.

My fourth story, “Avalon”, another magical realism short, was published on 5/1/15 in the first volume of the Mischief Corner Books Quarterly. MCB Quarterly has also picked up two of my other stories – “Translation” (Fall 2015) and “Repitition” (Spring 2016).

My first two stand-alone novellas, “Between the Lines” and “The Homecoming” come out in July 2015 in eBook form (with Dreamspinner and Less Than Three Press).

In November 2015, my story “The Autumn Lands” came out as part of the “Travels Through the Scarlet Equinox” anthology, and it was released as a stand-alone book on 1/27/16 – my first print title that’s all my own. In March, it ran in audio format on Vance Bastian’s amazing Campfire Podcast, and the audio edition was released shortly afterward.

I had a few more stories out in 2016 – “Flames”, one of the stories I am most proud of, appeared in the “A More Perfect Union” anthology from Dreamspinner. My “going back into the closet” sci fi short “Repetition” appeared in the Mischief Corner Books Quarterly. My “elf and trans guy San Francisco climate change love story” “Through the Veil” novella appeared in “Myths Untold: Faery” from Wilde City. And I capped off the year with “Wonderland”, my slightly off-kilter Christmas sci fi love story.

In February, 2017, my first full-length novel “Skythane” came out from Dreamspinner – the initial book in my Oberon trilogy. “The Great North”, my second post-apcoalyptic sci-fi/fantasy MM romance novella is due from MCB in June, and Dreamspinner is publishing my non-romance sci fi tale “The Stark Divide” in October.

I am also writing an ongoing serial story called “The River City Chronicles – a magical realism tale set in my hometown of Sacramento – and plan to self publish it later in 2017 once the current story arc is finished. You can read it free here. I’ll also be in the forthcoming “Marionettes in the Mist” book, from the serial of the same name on the MCB site.

I got my first Five Star review for one of the stories in the first MCB Quarterly, from Molly Lolly:

Stars: Five
Avalon by J. Scott Coatsworth
Oh man, the emotion! Tony and Jake were so beautiful together. They both gave up so much to be together and help each other. The ending is bittersweet but there isn’t a way to have a happy ending when one of the characters is dying from cancer. But there’s a little bit of hope at the end that Jake is happy where he is.


You can find me at Dreamspinner here, Goodreads here, on Amazon here, on QueeRomance Ink here, and on Facebook here.

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