POINT OF VIEW: Christmas and Climate Change

Antarctica - pixabay

Hey all, I am writing a holiday romance for one of the publishers I work with, and I waned to do something more than the usual “boy meets boy” thing. So I decided to try to inject a little social consciousness into the story, too. The story tentatively titled “Melt,” and it takes place in … Read more

POINT OF VIEW: How Would a Civilization Evolve If…

alien world - pixabay

Last week I shared insights from a great author panel at WorldCon76 in San Jose. This week I thought I’d share another. The full title of this one was “How Would a Civilization Evolve If…: How Human and Nonhuman Concepts of ‘Universe’ Is [sic] Shaped By Their Environment.” It was a fascinating chat between an … Read more

POINT OF VIEW: Normalandia


Hey all, As I was thinking about what to write this week, it struck me that I am living in two very different worlds simultaneously. Bizzaro World and Normalandia. In Normalandia, life proceeds as usual. I wake up each morning, get some writing done, and get to work. Mark and I have breakfast together, work … Read more