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Five More “A More Perfect Union” Reviews

Hey all,

Five more reviews of “Flames” and the anthology “A More Perfect Union”!

First off, Three Chicks After Dark weighs in:

3 Chicks After DarkOn “A More Perfect Union”:

“Overall, this anthology was one of the best I’ve ever read. Talented authors with sharp, romantic, and entertaining stories that are sure to leave a lasting impression.”


On “Flames”:

“This story had potential to break my heart, but the happy ending and self discovery made all the difference… In the end, things work out for these two. Tragedy made Alex wake up and take stock of what was most important to him. It started rocky but end tenderly.”

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Next, Sue Brown LOVED the book in:

Sue BrownOn “A More Perfect Union”:

“This anthology contains four different stories reaching the same joyous conclusion, marrying the man they loved, and I have to say, even this cynical old heart melted a little. From each tale I could see elements of news stories that hit the headlines over the last few years – a real ripped from the headlines. But each individual story tackles the couples journey in a different way. It’s not just about dealing with bigoted officials and family. These stories are about the our heroes attitudes to marriage as well.”

On “Flames”:

“J. Scott Coatsworth made me cry with Flames. I was shouting at Alex, rooting loudly for him and Gio, cursing as Alex was banished and sobbing like anything as good people conspired to help him. Yes, sir, you made me cry tears of joy.”

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Hearts on Fire also gave us a great review weighs in:

Hearts on FireOn “A More Perfect Union”:

“This anthology consists of four stories tied together by the bond of holy matrimony. While I was expecting some sweet stories about men in love getting hitched, that isn’t really what these stories ended up being. They are more, sometimes showcasing the reasons for marriage, sometimes the difficulties getting there. Sometimes they were difficult to read because some of these guys really faced some hatred, all too real unfortunately, but in this case, they get that HEA with wedding.”

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Open Skye liked it too:

Open SkyeOn “A More Perfect Union”:

“This is a delightful collection of “average joes”. Gay men with varying beliefs about marriage and their stories that do all lead to the big event. They all touch on the impact the change in the legal status played in their decisions and how it made them feel about the institution itself. It’s sweet, touching, fascinating and each story is unique and heart-warming. Well recommended!”

4.25 Stars

On “Flames”:

“What I liked about this story – besides the sweet HEA – is the discussion of the legalities that marriage offer a couple that are often overlooked or taken for granted. Marriage is more than just a commitment, it holds legal significance and it’s amazing that up until recently that’s been denied to all couples equally.”

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And finally, Ulysses at Prism Book Alliance gives us his two cents:

Prism Book AllianceOn “A More Perfect Union”:

“Four excellent novellas by four gifted writers… Each of these four novellas about committed gay couples for whom marriage means something resonates with me—although none of these stories is MY story. Each of these authors is a gay man married to his husband. This we have in common. I married my partner of 38 years on October 21, 2013, the first day same-gender marriage was legal in New Jersey. Our two teenaged children, whom we adopted after our twentieth anniversary, were with us. We had previously had a domestic partnership, and then a civil union in this same town where we’ve lived for 35 years. We were married by the mayor in a simple ceremony at town hall. I had mentioned it on Facebook, and was touched at who happened to show up, just to see me and my husband Gary get that piece of paper that made us “legal.” Everybody’s story is different, but each of these novellas made me cry, because joy and pain and fear and triumph are feelings that every one of us shares.”

On “Flames”:

“J. Scott Coatsworth’s “Flames” made a mess of me. In it, everyone’s deepest fear almost comes true for Alex Gutierrez. He stalks off on an all-night bender after a stupid fight with his longtime partner Giovanni Montanari. When he wakes up the next day, he finds out that his world has gone up in flames—literally. Only when Alex realizes what he might lose does he understand what marriage could mean for him and Gio. Coatsworth has provided a villain who’s not really a villain at all, and a cast of supportive characters, particularly a friend named Oscar and Rosalind, a lesbian nurse who risks her job to help Alex. The book is written from a dual point of view—both Alex and Gio. It is a tricky maneuver that the author handles very well, thus adding a touch of magical realism that turns the story into a modern fairytale.”

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