REVIEW: Skythane


One more review for Skythane – a great surprise from Anonymouse at Crystal’s Many Reviewers: For my first F3 – Just got a surprise feview for Skythane and it’s fantastic… I happened upon Skythane during one of Dreamspinner Press’s 99 cent book sales. I love M/M and Sci-Fi, so I snatched it up. How many … Read more

Where to Tell the Story

I’m visiting Jamie Fessenden’s blog today to tell the story of how I chose the location for “The Great North”: They say write what you know, but that’s always seemed like dubious advice to me. As a writer of sci fi and fantasy, I often write tales set in distant or unknown locations – to … Read more

NEW REVIEWS: The Great North

“The Great North” is out, and the reviews are continuing to roll in: Review Blog: A.M. Leibowitz Reviewer: A.M. LeibowitzThe reason I agreed to review this is that the author is outstanding at world-building. Everything is flawless. It’s not hard to understand the context, right from the beginning, and there are no long, dull expository passages. … Read more