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4 Star Review for Myths Untold: Faery from Jessie G. Books

Jessie G. BooksJust in – a great four star review from Jessie G. Books: – here’s what they said:

Finally, we have Through the Veil by J. Scott Coatsworth, who brings us to a futuristic dystopian San Francisco. The sea level has risen and they are forced to build a wall to protect the heart of the city. Those on the outside of the wall live in upper floors of abandoned buildings, use makeshift bridges and zip lines to travel, and have to find alternate ways to provide for themselves. Colton, a trans-man who’s barely getting by, traverses the canals to go to the dangerous market where a doctor can provide him the medication he needs in exchange for…well, the price changes each time.

This time he’s charged with protecting someone. Who? Colton isn’t given that information. All he’s got is a sword and a ride to Alcatraz. Enter Tris, a fairy in search of the brother who’d gone missing years before. Colton sort of saves Tris and takes him in and together they learn things are not always how they appear. If I say anything else, I’ll spoil all the twists, but you’ll be rooting for these two just like I was.

If you’re looking for traditional fairy tales, this isn’t the book for you. But if your open to some major twists and turns, and something completely different, this one anthology just might fit the bill.


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