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A Great Review for Myths Untold: Faery from The Novel Approach!

Just in – a fantastic review from The Novel Approach: – here’s what they said about my story, “Through the Veil”:

The Novel ApproachAuthor J. Scott Coatsworth closes out Myths Untold in a fantastic way with Through the Veil—and gave the other stories a tightly contested run for title of my favorite in the collection.

In an alternate San Francisco of the future, a dystopia that lends the story its mythical atmosphere, Colton lives a hardscrabble life as a gondolier and occasional thief. He is a man of needs and contradictions who meets his fate on Alcatraz island in the form of Tris, a stranger from the land of Gleann Sìdh who crosses the veil to Saoleile—the human world—on a mission to find his missing brother.

I loved everything about this story, from its sci-fi elements to its characters to its monsters to its fairy tale Romanticism. The writing is fast paced and the danger and action sequences played out so well that the end of every chapter did nothing more than keep me on the hook for the next and the next, until I’d finished.

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