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Amazing Review for The Dragon Eater

Archer Kay Leah review - The Dragon Eater

Just got a freaking AMAZING 5 star review of The Dragon Eater from Archer Kay Leah. I am NOT crying.

The Dragon Eater is an engaging work of speculative fiction featuring queer characters, this time blending traditional high (and epic) fantasy with the shiny glimmers of science fiction…

As a fan of fantasy and sci-fi, I loved this book. The author’s experience with both genres shines through: the writing is tight and clear with everything well thought out and intertwined. There’s no fluff here—everything has a purpose, even if you can’t figure out what it is yet. The worldbuilding is there from the first word, and there’s no holding back. The use of description is fantastic—I could see the characters and scenes moving along in my head, so clear that it would be easy to put this on a movie/TV screen. This could make for a great film!…

Importantly, though, the storytelling has great movement and texture. The dialogue is easy, full of tone and emotion, and carries significant depth. The glimpses into the characters’ inner thoughts and feelings give a full-bodied storytelling that kept drawing me all the way to the end—and it’s absolutely left me wanting more

I give the book 5 stars. I can’t wait to see where Book #2 takes this cast. I couldn’t have asked for a whole lot more from this first installment, except for maybe one super tight hug full of TLC for my boy Aik near the end. ♥

This is the kind of review authors wait for their entire career to receive. Deep, nuanced, and moving. I am humbled.

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