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My friend M.J. Edwards has a new bisexual erotic romance out, “The Escort’s Tale” and he’s written a short story to go with it, serialized over seven blogs. I have part six for you!

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The Husband’s Tale

My novel The Escort’s Taleis a bisexual romance, told from the perspective of the sex worker Jasper Dylan, who sees clients under the working name of JD Pierce. One day Alethia Ballantine contacts Jasper; her husband Nick has suffered a spinal cord injury, is in a wheelchair, and can no longer walk or make love to her. Alethia and Nick have decided to hire a professional escort in an attempt to deal with the issues in their sex life. 

Chapter Three describes Jasper’s first meeting with Nick when the escort arrives at their apartment, from Jasper’s perspective. The thoughts, fears and hopes of Nick Ballantine in that first meeting seemed like a story worth telling, though. Each stop on my blog tour for The Escort’s Talecontains a section of Nick’s story, in something I had to call…

By M.J. Edwards
Part 6

[Previously] I’m listening with just one ear as Ali tells him about our apartment and makes small talk, because I’m still thinking about the way JD looked at me.

 I’ve had plenty of college acquaintances and work colleagues along the LGBTQ spectrum. I’ve been hit on before by guys, usually by someone drunk who was easy to ignore or to gently brush off as a kidder. Ali’s father had a male friend for years who always made me wonder about his orientation. No doubt there were gay or bi guys in my fraternity; I just never knew about it. Well, there were one or two frat brothers I suspected of getting it on with each other, I guess, though I never talked about it with them.

Why not? Was I afraid of where the conversation might lead?

I shove that aside to think about later, and talk more with JD about the bourbon we’re drinking. It’s a small-batch, 17-year-old, 90 proof Eagle Rare, an expensive gift from my father-in-law. We chat as we sip our drinks, about random shit. It’s surprisingly easy to be with JD, given the reason he’s come to our place. I realize pretty soon that, if we’d met some other way, the three of us could be friends. He’s funny, charming, and easy on the eyes.

I correct myself quickly: Alimust think he’s easy on the eyes. Then I wonder why I did that. Jesus, am I homophobic? I don’t think so, but why else am I so concerned with what JD may or may not have been thinking about me when he took my hand?

Or…oh shit, am I hiding from what felt when I took his hand?

I realize I’ve only been giving half my attention to the discussion of Boston’s notorious Combat Zone when JD says the word, “Prostitution.” That snaps me back completely.

Ali looks as surprised as I probably do at the term. I was almost ready to forget it all and just enjoy a friendly evening. That’s probably why JD deliberately said that, to remind us what this is all about.

It’s weird, given all our conversations about hiring an escort, but the term suddenly makes what we’re doing seem…real. Sordid. 


I glance at Alethia and see that her surprise has begun to give way to a slow smolder. Her eyes lock with JD’s, and I can feel the chemistry between them as a tangible thing. She’s attracted to JD, with good reason, and now that the moment is approaching, she’s ready for it.

I swallow nervously. I’m the one who’s suddenly panicking, no longer sure I’m strong enough to see Alethia touch JD. To kiss him, hold him, take the things from him that I can no longer give her. JD glances at me, and the flash of fire in his eyes quickly changes to concern. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the head of Nick. You can read the other parts at the links above. If you’re intrigued and want to know more about my sexy couple and the man they’ve hired, follow the buy link or check out The Escort’s Tale at my website.

About “The Escort’s Tale”

Do you want to spice up your marriage? Or perhaps you have a cuckold fantasy? Whatever your desire or kink, call JD Pierce.

Under his working name, Jasper has built a solid clientele and reputation. As JD Pierce, high-priced escort, he specializes in bringing bisexual fantasies to life. Sometimes a husband needs to be humiliated. Maybe a couple wants to be naughty and roleplay the seduction of an impressionable boy. Jasper, aka JD, is the man for the job.

Despite his doubts, Jasper throws himself into the challenge. He wants to help sexy Nick reconnect with his beautiful wife. Using imagination and honesty, he unearths hidden fantasies in both of them. What he isn’t prepared for is his attraction to these new clients. The feeling grows quickly from desire to friendship and maybe something more. Will Jasper help Nick and Alethia and then move on? Or will they be the couple to bring to life this escort’s own fantasy?The Escort’s Tale is a standalone bisexual erotic romance featuring a well-endowed lover-for-hire, a troubled man in a wheelchair, and the determined woman who brings them all together.

When a young woman with a unique problem contacts Jasper, though, he fears he’s out of his depth. Alethia’s husband Nick suffered a spinal cord injury. He has paraplegia. The couple can no longer have conventional sex, and it’s driving a wedge between them. Nick is straight, but Alethia hires Jasper to help them fix things.

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Excerpt from The Escort’s Tale, Chapter Two:

“Would you like to tell me how my name came up?” I ask, gauging that Alethia’s ready to discuss it.

She sets down her glass and darts glances left and right. Satisfied no one will overhear, she leans closer and speaks in a quiet, private voice. “Meredith is aware that my husband and I are facing some difficulties in our marriage. I mentioned to her recently over lunch that we’ve been struggling for a solution. She was very, um, detailed about her experiences with you.” Alethia blushes prettily. “And complimentary, as well.”

I smile at the circumspection. “Meredith has been a good client. I’m happy to hear she says nice things, since I don’t exactly ask for Yelp reviews.”

She snorts a little laugh, which I find charmingly awkward on such a chic woman. She puts a hand over her mouth to cover a grin. “I understand why, though that makes it tricky for, um…”

“Yes?” I prompt. “For someone in need of my services to find me?” I wink to show I take it lightly.

Alethia bobs her head in agreement. “I’d think in the internet age there’d be some sort of specialized rating service or booking site.”

There are a few actually, but I choose to avoid those. I don’t like the risk of zealous law enforcement having information about my working name or clientele. Word of mouth has always generated enough business for me anyway.

Since she seems more comfortable now, I dive in. “Why don’t you give me a general idea of what you’re looking for? We can discuss whether I’d be a good fit.”

Alethia inhales sharply and grabs her tea for a quick distraction. I wait her out again as she sips. Eventually, she places the glass back down with a sharp click and takes another glance around. She clasps her hands on the table top, as in prayer. I lean in, close enough to scent a trace of her delicate perfume. The essence of orange blossoms fills the air around her.

“My husband and I have been together for five years, nearly six,” she begins. “Nick has always been an avid rock climber. He played rugby, skied, competed in triathlons. Everything active like that you can think of. Eighteen months ago, he—”

She breaks off for a long moment to look at her entwined hands. Her knuckles gleam white, and I find myself reaching out to cover them with one of my own. She gives a shuddering breath at the touch, but doesn’t pull away.

“During a climb one afternoon on some cliffs, Nick had a bad fall when a handhold crumbled. The accident left him with a spinal cord injury. My husband uses a wheelchair now. He has paraplegia.”

I hear a sympathetic noise come out of me, entirely unplanned. She glances up to meet me eyes so I explain. “I’m sorry. I have a buddy from the Army who suffered an SCI. Rehab helped some, but it’s been a hard road for him.”

Alethia bites her lip and nods slowly. “It’s been…a learning process. Nick is strong-willed, though, and for the most part he’s adapted. We have home health aides to address his needs where he won’t accept my help. Also, we live in an apartment on a single floor that’s been made ready to accommodate his wheelchair.” She looks to where my hand still covers hers. “The problem is our sex life,” she whispers.


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Author Bio

M.J. Edwards is the pen name for Robert Winter. As Robert, I write primarily gay contemporary romance. M.J. is the alter ego under which I get to explore a more erotic side of romance, with combinations of characters along the LGBTQ spectrum. The stories are light on angst, heavy on sex, and a happy ending for all is my goal.

I love hearing from readers so please feel free to ask questions or make comments. You can email me at or find me on Goodreads.

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