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Announcement: Slash OP, by J. Johanis

Slash OpJ. Johanis has a new sci fi book out, the sequel to Drago Star, and she’s sharing an interview with one of the characters:

JJ: Hi Brett. Thanks so much for agreeing to this interview. I understand you are about to begin your first mission on Earth and that you’ll be going into dragon-occupied territory. I also realize that some things are classified; however, can you tell me a little about your role in this mission?

Brett: Thank you for having me. Yes, there are certainly things that are classified about this mission; however, I have no problem telling you about my job. I am a dark matter engineer, and my specialty is in dark matter shielding. Since the dragon insurgency already has sophisticated dark matter shielding capabilities, I can answer anything you want to know about it.

JJ: Okay, that’s great. Maybe you can start by telling me about its uses and how it works.

Brett: No problem. Dark matter shielding is used to obscure vehicles or structures. Not only does the shield block the object from visibility, but it also eliminates every measurable trace of it being there. Dark matter shielding is a complicated procedure, but it involves manipulating trace amounts of dark matter already in the atmosphere and concentrating it order to make objects appear not to exist.

JJ: That sounds a little scary. Isn’t dark matter what is found in black holes? Is massing dark matter in one spot on Earth potentially dangerous?

Brett: The amount of dark matter used in shielding is miniscule compared to the dark matter needed to create a black hole. Luckily there isn’t enough dark matter on earth to create one.

JJ: Ok, we’ll I’d love to ask you more about your job, but I’m afraid I’ll have to save that for another time. Instead, I’d like to ask a few questions about your feelings for Major Gideon. During your captivity you were forced into sexual situations with him, which I’m sure had to be uncomfortable for you considering he’s your commander. However, I understand that you two shared a moment before he left for language training. So, what does that mean exactly. Are you dating now?

Brett: *blushes* Uh… I don’t know. I like him, and we kissed, but that’s it. It’s been three months since he left for his training…. And, well, I’m hoping we can pick up where we left off.

JJ: That’s wonderful, Brett. I wish you luck, and I hope you’re mission is a success.

Brett: Thank you.

About the Book

The White House has ordered the execution of a highly sensitive covert operation in dragon occupied territory. Though a Slash Op has a zero percent survival rate, the commanding general is forced to enlist his most prized officer for the task.

Major Gideon is embarking on his first mission in the dragon district. Yet Gideon has hardly recovered from all that Drago made him endure. For the past three months, Gideon has been plagued with dreams of Drago terrorizing him, but his dreams have gradually turned into sexual fantasies. Despite coming to terms with his longing to have Drago in bed, Gideon cannot suppress his desire to beat Drago’s face in. When Gideon is called for a mission in the most dangerous district on Earth, what freaks him out the most is the prospect of seeing Drago again.

Content Advisory: Graphic violence, dragon sex, & non-con.

Book Two of the Toy Soldier Series

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Author Bio

J. Johanis writes m/m dark erotica and enjoys creating worlds that are myth-based or futuristic.

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