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Another Great A More Perfect Union Review

Noah WilloughbyAuthor Noah Willoughby reviews Flames and the anthology A More Perfect Union:


The anthology is very well-compiled and well-written. Though all stories are fictional, each one has clearly put true-to-life experiences into their stories. The main characters and how they relate to one another and react to the situations around them shows that each author has put a piece of himself into their story. While all the stories are different, they follow the same theme: love is love. The same theme rings true for this whole anthology. I highly recommend this one!

Rating: 4.5 stars

On Flames:

This story was probably the most interesting for me since it was so different from the others. The jumping back and forth from the real world and Gio’s dream world was very surreal and made for a fascinating read. Alex recounts stories to Gio about their possessions that were lost in the fire and the memories still attached to them. Eventually, Alex’s words reach Gio and the dream world fades to reality.

Thanks so much, Noah!

Read the whole thing here:!a-more-perfect-union/neqqy

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