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Welcome to my weekly Author Spotlight. I’ve asked a bunch of my author friends to answer a set of interview questions, and to share their latest work.

Today, K-lee Klein – K-lee Klein loves guys with long hair and tattoos, and you’ll often find her front and center at her favorite rock concerts. She has bounced around Western Canada all her life but will always consider the solitude and beauty of the British Columbian mountains home.


I’m offering one ebook and one print copy of Lazy Sundays to 2 commenters. To enter, all you have to do is answer one easy question in the comments below. Just tell me what you like about Opposites-Attract relationships or if you don’t, why not. 😉 

Thanks so much, K-lee, for joining me!

J. Scott Coatsworth: What was your first published work? Tell me a little about it. 

K-lee Klein: My first book, Finally Home, was published as a novella for a Christmas theme. It’s a story about a young man, Josiah Nelson, returning to the ranch he grew on for his father’s funeral. He hasn’t been back in a while because his father had been a hard man to get along with. He encounters a friend who never forgot him or gave up on seeing him again, and Josiah learns that the walls of a house don’t necessarily define what a home actually is. I have my rights back for it and have plans to re-release it and a second book in the series…hopefully soon. 

JSC: Have you ever taken a trip to research a story? Tell me about it. 

KLK: It wasn’t a trip per se, but when I was in Denver for GRL, my friend and I did a little tour of Loveland, Colorado which is where my Welcome to Loveland books are set. My town is mostly made-up but it was nice to see little things here and there that I could use to shape Lucky and Jack’s universe. I even got to see the community center where the Valentine’s program happens.

JSC: Name the book you like most among all you’ve written and tell us why. 

KLK: Unbreak My Heart will always have a very special place in my own heart. I wrote it at a time when my depression was raging and ended up pouring all that pain and insecurity and desolation—and eventually hope—into my main character, Brett Taylor. Unbreak also taught me things about grieving, depression, and self-forgiveness. That’s weird to say but I think seeing my feelings through Brett’s eyes made me understand myself a little better.

JSC: What pets are currently on your keyboard, and what are their names? Pictures? 

KLK: I’m owned by a 13-year-old feline named Chili and a toy Australian Shepherd named Chewie. Chewie is only a year old so she’s still pretty fresh and demanding of attention. I can’t really work on my laptop around her yet. She doesn’t get that I have things to do that don’t involve throwing a squeaky ball or scratching her belly. I also have a new grandson – Remy – who invades that space too, but I guess that’s my choice since I tend to carry him there. Pictures? Absolutely!

JSC: What was the first book that made you cry? 

KLK: I have the worst memory but I think one of the first was Where the Red Fern Grows and as a teenager it was definitely The Outsiders.

JSC: We know what you like to write, but what do you like to read in your free time, and why? 

KLK: Oh dear. Will it make me a bad author if I say I predominantly read Captain America/Winter Soldier – with a little the Magicians thrown in occasionally – fanfiction? If so, pretend I skipped this question.

JSC: What qualities do you and your characters share? How much are you like them, or how different are they from you? 

KLK: I have a couple of characters who share some of my issues. Brett Taylor from Unbreak My Heart got his emotional instability, insecurity, and depression from me and Scott Weston (Lazy Sundays) has my anxiety, insecurity, and panic attacks.

Some of my characters definitely have polar opposite qualities than me. Devon DuCaine in Lazy Sundays, Jack Canon from Welcome to Loveland series, and Ali (Alistair Antoine Arbiteur) from my Family of Misfits universe all have the gift of self-confidence, self-esteem, and no fear in going for what they want. 

JSC: If you were stuck on a desert island all alone with only three things, what would they be? 

KLK: Photo album of my family. Solar-powered music machine. Solar-powered eReader with a lot of fanfiction downloaded. Maybe I can learn to write using the nature around me.

JSC: Which of your own characters would you Kill? Fuck? Marry? And why? 

KLK: Kill – really? I’ve never killed a character in any of my books but in terms of not-main characters, I guess I could throw Scott’s mom from Lazy Sundays off a cliff.

Fuck – Devon DuCaine from Lazy Sundays. I totally have a thing for scruffy rockstars.

Marry – Brett Taylor from Unbreak My Heart because he has it all; a heart ten sizes too big, country politeness, musical talents, rancher determination, and he reminds me of Christian Kane who I love and sort of modeled him after.

JSC: Star Trek or Star Wars? Why? 

KLK: I like both but I think I’m more of a Star Trek girl. I liked the originals with Shatner and Nimoy and those movies, plus the new films are awesome too. Though I do think Mark Hamill is still a dreamboat.

JSC: What are you working on now?

KLK: What I’m working on now…I’ve had a bad year of writer’s block and I think my muse took an extended vacation, but I’m trying to turn it around. At the forefront is the 6th book in the Welcome to Loveland series, another continuation of the main characters, Lucky and Jack.

I have a few others as well that are just waiting for my muse to show up – a new book with a rock cellist and rock ‘n’ roll fiddler, as well as the rerelease of an old series called Perfect Moments. I’m also re-editing and beefing up my first novel, Finally Home, for a hopeful December release.  

In addition to that, I’d like to churn out at least one holiday short/novella perhaps starring my characters from Valentine’s Day with Princess Petunia, and/or possibly a whole new set of characters. Lol. No pressure, right?

I’d also like to take this time to thank J. Scott for having me on his blog. He’s truly a good friend and a terrific person. Much love to y’all.

JSC: Backatcha. *hugs*

And now for K-lee’s new book: Lazy Sundays:

Scott Weston’s car is sensible, his suits are bland, and his job is stable but boring. Mundane routine helps keep his anxiety and obsessive tendencies under control. Socializing—especially dating—isn’t on his list of strong skills either, and, made worse with the echoes of his disapproving mother. So he’s content to stay at home with his lists and cleaning and wildlife documentaries, until a one-night stand goes unexpectedly right.

History has taught Devon DuCaine that dating can be uncomfortable, but there’s just something about Scott. He may be the opposite of Devon’s own long-haired, tattooed, free-wheeling spirit but he brings out the nurturer in Devon. It could be Scott’s surprising fascination with Devon’s motorcycle, or his shy surprise in moments of affection, but there’s more under those sensible suits than meets the eye. The most important person in Devon’s life, his mom, taught him love and compassion and that’s all he wants to share that with Scott. 

Their one-night stand turns into a regular thing, but Scott doesn’t trust it to last. He’s pretty sure Devon is hiding something. He’s even more sure that once Devon gets to know him, the attraction will fade. And then there’s his mother. Howeve,r many sparks fly between them, Devon will have his work cut out to convince Scott they can have their happily ever after.

My last release was Lazy Sundays and it was special for me in a lot of ways. Foremost, the characters of Devon DuCaine and Scott Weston already had a bit of a following because they were introduced in two free short stories in 2011. Over the years I’ve received emails and messages about continuing Devon and Scott’s story, and finally, that’s what I’ve done.

But this version of Lazy Sundays is not just a rerelease. On top of the massive editing/rewrite I did on both books, I’ve also added more than double the content to Devon and Scott’s universe. Lazy Sundays can be defined as an opposites-attract romance, and the new version gives more insight into the differences between Scott and Devon—physically, mentally, emotionally. They have to learn trust and patience while they fall head over heels in love with each other. They suffer through a little angst, a dash of fun, and a whole lot of love. I hope you enjoy their story.

I’m offering one ebook and one print copy of Lazy Sundays to 2 commenters. To enter, all you have to do is answer one easy question. Just tell me what you like about Opposites-Attract relationships or if you don’t, why not. 😉

(The original Lazy Sundays was a free short story I wrote in 2011. This version of Lazy Sundays is not just a rerelease. On top of the massive editing/rewrite I did on both books, I’ve also added more than double the content to Devon and Scott’s universe.)

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Scott hid a smile behind his hand while Devon rambled. Eventually, he turned to look into those sweet puppy dog eyes. “I’ll give you a hint. What do you think would be the most boring job in the world?”

Devon didn’t hesitate with his reply, his crooked smile giving way to a sour grimace. “Oh fuck. An accountant for sure, man. All those numbers to keep track of. Gives me a headache just thinking about it. I swear my uncle went to an early grave because he was an—”

Scott unsuccessfully stifled a groan.

“Oh shit, you’re an accountant, aren’t you?”

When Scott rose to refill his mug, he avoided Devon’s regretful gaze. “Thankfully, I’m not in my grave yet though.”

Devon groaned behind him. “I think you proved that this morning.” The teasing grin returned when Scott turned around—accompanied by two pretty dimples hidden under the scruff—and a wave of pleasure and relief shot through Scott. “…and twice last night.”

Author Bio

K-lee Klein loves guys with long hair and tattoos, and you’ll often find her front and center at her favorite rock concerts. She has bounced around Western Canada all her life but will always consider the solitude and beauty of the British Columbian mountains home. Her life is blessed as the proud mom of three now-grown but still spoiled kids, a beautiful baby grandson who makes her heart sing, a senior but still bossy feline, a year-old Toy Australian Shepherd who keeps her on her toes, and a truly patient husband.

Her writing muse is terribly temperamental, so to keep him close by and in check, she had him inked on her left calf. The gorgeous, long-haired, mostly naked, kneeling angel that resulted is truly a work of art, although he’s still a handful and hopelessly uncontrollable. She writes on his schedule and inspiration.

K-lee tends to fall easily into obsessions. When something grabs her attention, she jumps into it headfirst with complete abandon. Actors, musicians, superheroes, fictional characters, and brainwashed assassins all hold spots on her cannot-get-enough list. She once followed Thirty Seconds to Mars around the United States and Canada and saw them perform fourteen times that year. Obsession sometimes leads to ideas for her kneeling angel to turn into stories.

Although an introvert in person, she’s extroverted online and has met many wonderful friends there, sometimes with the added fun of meeting them in person at gay romance conferences. She’s grateful for all the people in her life who accept her as she is and support her through her ups and downs as mom, wife, and joyfully obsessed writer.

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  1. I think that it is great that opposites can attract each other and be not only compatible but perfect for each other. The thing with opposites is that each possesses something that the other needs whether or not he knows it. An example would be an introvert and an extrovert. One would think that they wouldn’t get along at all, but, the extrovert has the gift of bringing the introvert out of his shell and engage more with the world while the introvert has the gift of toning down the extroverts boisterousness. These two work so well because they are actually two sides of the same coin. The same holds true with the athlete and us geeks because we each bring something special to the table to compliment and enhance the other. I personally have first hand knowledge of how an OCD guy (me) and a constantly changing things guy can work out as a couple.

  2. Thank you for the interview! I’m more of a friends to lover fan but I do like to read the occasional opposite attract story. I think I enjoy them just because I like to see two people who don’t have much in common or don’t think they have anything in common find out that they can find something to enjoy together and just make their relationship work even if they are different.

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