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Welcome to my weekly Author Spotlight. I’ve asked a bunch of my author friends to answer a set of interview questions, and to share their latest work.

Today, JM Wolf – JM Wolf never thought he would one day say that he’s a published M/M romance author. Having a poet for a mother and a sister to once ran a blog, it was only a matter of time before JM discovered his writing genes. In the beginning, his sole purpose in life was to be a singer/songwriter. Writing lyrics was the first step putting his thoughts onto paper. Even while singing, JM always found time to dabble with writing little short stories but never thought too much about it.

JM Wolf

Thanks so much, JM, for joining me!

J. Scott Coatsworth: Were you a voracious reader as a child?

JM Wolf: I was a pretty mediocre reader as a child. I was obsessed with reading Goosebumps, Junie B. Jones, the Bailey School Kids, etc.

JSC: When did you know you wanted to write, and when did you discover that you were good at it?

JMW: I realized I wanted to write around twelve years old, but back then I was writing song lyrics instead of books. When it comes to writing novels, I discovered I had a real passion for it last year. I wrote little stories here and there when I was younger, but none of them ever really stood out. I discovered that I was good at it last year when I started posting chapters on Facebook and I saw people’s reaction to them, wanting more and wanting me to publish.

JSC: What action would your name be if it were a verb?

JMW: Procrastinator lol

JSC: How would you describe your writing style/genre?

JMW: My genre is, without a doubt, MM Romance; but my style I would classify as “musically influenced.” I love listening to music as I write and some music even helps to inspire new story ideas.

JSC: Which of your own characters would you Kill? Fuck? Marry? And why?

JMW: Oooh, I’d have to say I’d fuck Michael so I could just say I had gay sex with the Archangel Leader lol, Marry Emmanuelle because he’s a sexy as Hell Sorcerer and can be my dom any time 😉, and kill Bastion because he can be an asshole at times.

JSC: What was your first published work? Tell me a little about it.

JMW: Tell me a little about it. My Debut book is The Black Feather (The Angels and Demons of Babylon Book 1). The story is about an Archdemon Bastion aka Belial falling in love with a human he’s been watching over named Scott Grayson; who looks like Bastion’s dead lover. Through the story you see their relationship growing while also dealing with the news that they both play a major role in a prophecy foretelling of an upcoming war lead by Lucifer.

JSC: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

JMW: I wanted to be a singer/songwriter. I still sing from time to time, but now I’m more focused on my books.

JSC: What’s your writing process?

JMW: Depending on the book, something I would write short outlines of what each chapter would be about, or just wing it. I would play soft music to drown out the rest of the world, or an audiobook, and begin writing.

JSC: Tell me one thing hardly anyone knows about you.

JMW: I’m into BDSM. I like the idea of being tied up or tying someone up, being a sub to a powerful and sexy as Hell Dom as long as he’s a gentle lover afterward lol

JSC: What are you working on now, and when can we expect it?

JMW: So I have two books in the works. One is the sequel to The Black Feather titled “The Fallen Crow” which will continue where book 1 left off. The second book I’m working on isn’t paranormal. It’s a May/December trope titled Jace’s Trial (Trials in Abington book 1) which is about a young man who falls in love with his dead father’s boyfriend. Both books will be out early to mid-2018.

The Black Feather

And now for JM’s new book: The Black Feather:

Archangel turned Archdemon, Bastion (Belial) McDowell was left with the horrid memories of the mistakes he’s made that cost him not only his white wings but also caused the death of his lover. Wandering amongst the humans in hopes of finding a way to earn his place back in the light realm, one tragic accident involving an eleven-year-old boy has changed his entire way of life. Watching over the kid from the shadows for ten years, Bastion watched him grow into a handsome young man and struggled with the decision to make himself known finally. But, is Bastion truly ready to let his past go to give this human his all? Especially since the human looks exactly like his fallen lover.

21-year-old Scott Grayson’s life had gone to hell ever since the accident when he was eleven that took his mother away from him. Locked up in his home like a prisoner with an abusive father, Scott was an empty shell stumbling through life, until he was rescued from an ambush in an alleyway by a mysterious man in a black cloak with eyes as blue as ice, who left a black feather for Scott to remember him by. After discovering a strange cafe called “Angel’s Haven” in the direction where his rescuer ran off to, Scott decided to check it out and eventually meets the mysteriously dark and sexy owner Bastion, whose eyes resemble the man in the black cloak.

Circumstances have brought these two together, and Bastion’s secrets become harder to hide from Scott. Especially when a prophecy reveals an upcoming war where both Bastion and Scott play a role in the event. Can Bastion accept the darkness that he’s been denying to keep Scott safe from the army of demons hunting for them? And can Scott find the strength within himself to fulfill his role in the prophecy and fight alongside the demon his heart belongs to?


This book contains mentions of alcoholism, abuse, past grief, violence, death, gore, thoughts of suicide, and loss. This book also includes figures from religion and demonology.

The Angels and Demons of Babylon Book One

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The next morning, Scott awoke to the smell of food coming from downstairs. Normally Bastion would bring breakfast up to his room. Scott decided to change that this time. He wanted to have breakfast with Bastion. So instead of staying in bed, he got up, put on his navy-blue pajama pants and a white T-shirt then stepped out of the bedroom heading downstairs. When he got to the kitchen, Scott froze in his tracks.

Bastion was at the sink washing some of the cookware he was using and was shirtless. The muscles on his arms flexed and his abs were tight. His caramelized skin was glistening from the light of the early morning sun coming through the window. It was a sight to behold. Even his morning wood was enjoying the view.

Be still my virgin heart. Scott thought as he bit his lower lip.

Bastion turned his gaze and smiled at the sight of Scott.

“Hey. Good morning, little crow,” he said walking to Scott and placing a kiss on his forehead.

My lips. Enough with the forehead bullshit and kiss me on the lips, you bastard. Oh God, what’s wrong with me?

Scott cleared his throat to prevent himself from laughing. “Good morning Bastion.”

Bastion did his usual morning routine by examining the wounds around Scott’s neck and face. The smell of autumn leaves and caffeine coming from him greeted Scott’s nostrils.

“You seem to be healing well. I hope you’re hungry. Breakfast will be ready soon.” Bastion said.

Forget the food. Have me for breakfast. Take me. Take me in your mouth you fool. Eat me. Scott’s body shook as he couldn’t help himself giggling this time.

“What’s so funny?” Bastion asked also laughing a bit.

Scott shook his head. “Nothing. Breakfast sounds great.”

Bastion arched an eyebrow. “If you say so.”

He turned back to the stove and continued cooking. The smell of eggs, bacon and french toast filled the kitchen. When he turned, Scott was admiring every detail of Bastion’s body. His strong legs through his black jeans. The fullness of his ass. The curves of his hips. Trailing up to his back, Scott noticed something that made his jaw drop and his eyes widened.

“Jesus…” Scott said softly.

Two large scar tissues near each of his shoulder blades plastered on Bastion’s back. Damage like that would normally tarnish the body’s perfection, but they looked natural on him.

“Your back. How did it happen?” Scott asked.

Bastion froze, and his shoulders tensed for a moment before relaxing.

“An accident. It happened…years ago.” Bastion finally said.

Scott slowly walked towards him, placing a hand on his back. His skin felt warm to the touch. His fingers trailed along the scar tissues. They felt rough. What kind of accident could cause these? The dream he had of the figure with black wings flashed in Scott’s mind, along with the black feather attached to his earring.

But that’s not possible.

Scott leaned towards Bastion’s back, and without thinking, he placed a kiss on both scar tissues. Bastion’s body stilled to the touch of Scott’s lips. He pushed back pressing himself against Scott’s front.

“I’m sorry,” Scott said softly.

Bastion turned himself around and looked at Scott directly in the eyes. Scott’s gray eyes were full of concern. Concern and affection for him.

“Beautiful.” Bastion blurted out before he could stop himself.

With that comment, Scott lost all resistance. He grabbed Bastion’s face and did the one thing he’d wanted to do since that night in the alley. He kissed Bastion. His hot lips were pressing against his own. The contact took Bastion by surprise, but then his eyes shut and clutched Scott’s hips, deepening the contact. Scott’s body began to heat up.

He brought his tongue out, pressing it to Bastion’s lips, desperate to seek entrance. Their tongues danced in the open before Scott snaked his inside and devoured every taste that is Bastion. In return, Bastion threaded his fingers through Scott’s hair, groaning in Scott’s mouth. He held Scott close tasting as much of him as he could. He barely managed to pull away so they both could breathe.

“God, I’ve wanted to do this since I brought you home. You have no idea.” Bastion cried out in Scott’s mouth.

He brought Scott to the kitchen counter, pressing him against it. Bastion then grabbed him by his hips, lifting Scott up and sitting him down on top of it.

Scott breathed heavily in Bastion’s mouth. Tasting him. Devouring him. He wanted more. His semi erection from when he awoke this morning was now rock hard. He’d been dreaming of Bastion fucking him. Scott wondered if he would now.

Bastion’s hands slid inside Scott’s shirt, running up his smooth chest. He bit down and started pulling on Scott’s lip letting out a low growl. Scott’s fingernails scratched down Bastion’s back, avoiding the scar tissues as his legs wrapped around the man’s hips.

Bastion’s back arched up and began pinching Scott’s nipples in his shirt. Scott hissed out a breath as his body trembled in pleasure. He tried to deepen the kiss, but Bastion pulled away, saliva dripping from his mouth, breathing heavily and his pupils dilated. Scott moaned his disappointment at the absence of his sexy Savior’s mouth.

Bastion chuckled and pulled one of his hands from inside Scott’s shirt to lift up his chin, making direct eye contact

“Oh, baby. Believe me, I don’t want to stop either, but if we keep this up, our breakfast will burn,” he said wrinkling his nose.

Scott began to smell the bacon burning up, and he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Is it sad that I really don’t care about breakfast?” Scott asked smiling big.

Bastion in return cupped his face and gave him a gentle kiss.

“I don’t either, but since you’re feeling better, I thought it would be nice to have breakfast together.”

Scott’s heart swelled.

With a chuckle, he said, “Okay, breakfast together it is then. No matter how burnt the bacon is now.”

Author Bio

JM Wolf never thought he would one day say that he’s a published M/M romance author. Having a poet for a mother and a sister to once ran a blog, it was only a matter of time before JM discovered his writing genes. In the beginning, his sole purpose in life was to be a singer/songwriter. Writing lyrics was the first step putting his thoughts onto paper. Even while singing, JM always found time to dabble with writing little short stories but never thought too much about it.

Once he reached adulthood, his music dreams left him, but not the feel of writing down what was in his mind. However, that didn’t mean music no longer played a part in JM’s life. His debut book The Black Feather was inspired by one of his favorite songs. Whether lyrics or love stories, you will always find JM’s heart and soul in every word on paper.

JM Wolf lives in Chesapeake, VA with his husband and in-laws. When he’s not writing, you could always find him reading a good book, spending time with the love of his life, or jamming out to music. He didn’t pick the world of literature; the literary world picked him.


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