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Cia Nordwell Reviews Myths Untold: Faery

Just in – a great review from Cia Nordwell: – here’s what she said about the anthology, and my story, “Through the Veil”.:

Cia NordwellWould that I could pick a favorite out of these stories in the anthology. They span a mix of contemporary fantasy, futuristic fantasy, pure fantasy, and fairy tale. I loved that each of these authors created faeries that fit their story structure… The writing is uniformly well done, every story is unique and intriguing in its own way. No matter what flavor of faery you usually prefer, you’ll fall in love with every incarnation in this anthology.

About “Through the Veil”:

I have to say the dystopian setting as well as the gritty otherness interested me far more than the faery element in J. Scott Coatsworth’s Through the Veil. I adore stories where the world we know it is changed, and the struggle to survive is reduced to far more basic elements than what has become the norm. High tech? Nope, that’s for the rich once again. That setting is contrasted sharply by the world Scott’s faery character, Tris, but both are not strangers to loss and struggle. When Tris and Colton bring those two worlds together as adventure grips them from the first moment they meet.

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