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Cover Reveal / Preorder: Suck a Little Happy Juice

Suck a Little Happy Juice - J. Scott Coatsworth

I’ve finally gone and done it.

I’ve gathered all of my copious columns on writing, typed out on my blog (and a few other places) over the last eight years, and have mashed them into a book for indie writers. 🙂

And yeah, the title.

I decided on it years ago, when I wrote a column of the same name. The key passage:

We need to bottle up all those great things [that happen to us as writers] and put them away, ready to be opened at a later date when things don’t seem quite so rosy. When imposter syndrome runs us down, it’s time to grab that “bottle” of “all the great things,” off the shelf.

Got a rejection? Open that file and relive some of those wonderful things folks said about you and your writing.

Latest book sales in the gutter? Take a ride on the happy memory train.

Hit with a horrendous edit? Suck a little happy juice.

With life and the world in such a weird, precarious, and sometimes downright awful place, you have to grab the good when you have it.

Maybe the title’s a little silly. But I wanted something that would stand out, that would capture both the absurdity and joy of being an indie author.

The cover was created for me by the amazing Kelley York at Sleepy Fox Studio.

It’s already getting some great advance reviews:

"Instead of heaping the mounds of praise this book deserves, let me say it in a simpler way. I wish this book was available when I was twenty, because it would have saved me fifteen years of head banging. That’s right, it took fifteen years for me to gain the knowledge the author is laying out, fifteen years to learn enough to sell the first of my 40+ novels. Don’t make my mistake, read this book: learn the principals and reach your goal."

--Author David Wind
“If I ever go off course, I will refer back to this guide to keep me going. The book's strength lies in its ability to demystify the writing and publishing process, making it a trustworthy companion for writers facing challenges. 5 Stars.”

---Jaqueline Neves, Readers’ Favorite
"Suck a Little Happy Juice is the kind of advice title one wishes every aspiring writer had in hand. Whether it's addressing getting ready to write or giving concrete examples contrasting tepid writing with captivating alternative approaches and revisions, Coatsworth sets aside ethereal advice in favor of the concrete examples writers need in order to prove more effective and hone their skills.. If libraries and readers were to select just a few titles on the subject of becoming an author, Suck a Little Happy Juice should be at the top of the list."

-Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

The book is coming out on April 10th, but you can pre-order it now. Hope you find it helpful!

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