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Five Star Review for “The Homecoming”!

Melanie Marshall BlogHey all… just got an amazing review for The Gomecoming from Melanie Marshall’s blog – thanks to Paul B.!

An excerpt:

This book clicks on just about every level. The heartbreak Aldiss feels at the loss of not only his home planet but his ex (even though he states there is nothing romantic between them anymore) is palpable. The hope of a new home world is quickly set back first by the crash landing and the dangers that caused but also with the troubles of Cat’s illness coming out of stasis. Add in the inter clan squabbles about what to do with their now returned ancestors and it spells trouble. Hari is guided not only by his mother but the keh, the spirits of his ancestors. The two “Law & Order” type twists near the end of the book complete the upheaval. But the feeling of hope at the end of the book makes the ride worth taking. This author is new to me and I look forward to reading more from him.

HomecomingAnd he gives a great shout-out for London Burden‘s beautiful cover, too:

London Burden has come up with one of the most gorgeous covers I have seen this year. It is drawing of a winter scape, with Hari in his white wolf form, standing on a hill overlooking the crash site that Aldiss’ ship landed. This cover should make the list of top ten for the year.

Thanks, Melanie and Paul, for the wonderful review. Made my day. 🙂

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