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Flash Fiction: The Frog Prince

This one’s fun. Boy Meets Boy asked me to write a flash fic piece and gave me a few photos to choose from as inspiration. Here’s the one I chose:

Frog Prince

And a teaser:

“Holy crap.”
Jillian Tinsnip’s spell had gone horribly awry.
He was a bit of a crap magician to begin with. He was always leaving his wand back at the apprentice dorm when it was time for his Witchery & Wizardry course, and just last week he’d accidentally turned the rest of his class into frogs when he was trying a spell to conjure himself up a fair prince from a swamp toad.

It had taken Mistress Vroben a good three hours to disenchant everyone back to their normal selves, and Jory Klemp still walked with a bit of a hop.

But this…  this was far worse…

Read the Whole Thing Here


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