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Four Star Review of “Myths Untold: Faery” by Molly Lolly

Just in – a great review from Molly Lolly: – here’s what she said about the anthology, and my story, “Through the Veil”. Also, a guest post by me about researching the story:

Molly LollyThis anthology was fabulous. I enjoyed all of the stories and how each author took faeries and the Feary realm and made it their own. It’s a smaller anthology but it had pretty much everything I could want since I’m such a huge fantasy, faery and magic fan. Many of the stories had me wanting more from the characters or ended in a way that made me think there could be sequels and that would definitely make me happy!

I really enjoyed the world Mr. Coatsworth created with a future San Francisco that is very different than how it looks now. I also like how he explained that future came about. It was logical but wasn’t a huge deal to the overall world or the characters since it had happened far enough in the past to not matter as much. Colton was an amazing character. He was so courageous going up against the unknown each time something new came his way. I loved Tris. He was so sweet and innocent yet also selfless. The journey these two go on to find Tris’ brother brought a wonderful depth to the world. You’re immersed almost immediately and you don’t realize the place you’re taken to isn’t actually real. I love the way Mr. Coatsworth can effortlessly build a world and pull you into it as if you’re really there. This felt like the start of a series and ended in a way that makes me want to know what happens next. I really hope there will be more stories in the future in this world so we can find out more about the upcoming war and which side will triumph.

Rating: 4 Stars

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