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Great new Dropnauts review!

Dropnauts review Anna Butler

The thing I always know I’m going to enjoy with any Scott Coatsworth novel is the worldbuilding because (i) it is my JAM and (ii) Scott is very good at it. Dropnauts is no exception. This is a well-realised, fully-fleshed world he has created here, of a destroyed Earth, thought unpopulated, and the attempt to reclaim and recolonise it from the Lunar colonies that are humanity’s last home. The devil’s in the details, and I just loved the way Scott builds pictures of Martinez base, and the Lunar city Redemption – particularly the latter…

…the central themes of redemption and renewal shine through clearly, and the final few chapters with characters on both Earth and the moon racing to save humanity against a rogue AI were excellent in building tension and excitement.

I had a couple of laugh-out-loud moments too. When the AI Sam reflects “Humans thrived on news and gossip. Of course they did. He should have thought about that sooner. …schedule reminder > media… We’re going to need a media strategy.”, cue the shriek of laughter from the one-time government communications officer who heard that shit every single week of her working life. Yup. Next time call us in when you’re planning, Sam. I can guarantee that we’d help you manage the comms in, you know, a proactive way.

Also sniggered at the “You probably didn’t do laundry for someone you planned to murder.” Don’t know about you lot, but I’m far more likely to be feeling murderous when Himself has used his best shirt to mop up an oil spill.

All in all, a good read with a really smashing finish.

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