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Great review for River City

Just got a sumptuous review of “River City” from Lou Sylvre…

Why did it take me so long to get through this book? And why did I think about it frequently when I wasn’t reading it? And why did I know I ultimately needed to read to the end? These are the questions I had to ask myself, because it literally took me months to read, and while it’s by no means a short book, it’s not that long. Seriously.

So here’s the answer to question 1: I’ve become a lazy reader. This book offers a lot, but it doesn’t offer immediate flash and bang, and that’s kind of what I’ve let myself grow used to. Maybe that’s because I have limited time to read, maybe it has just become a habit. I don’t know.

But for me, this wasn’t the kind of book to rush through, it was the kind of book to savor. And I guess that’s the answer to both question 2 and question 3. I knew I’d ultimately read to the end, because every character I met (and there are a lot of important players) had something special to pull me into not only the thick and juicy plot Coatsworth had laid out, but their life.

That’s what it felt like—as though I was observing the lives of an intertwining community. They (and their various problems, dreams, endeavors, and hopes) stayed with me when I was away from the pages—especially when I was in the kitchen, which is something you’ll understand when you read it. While I was baking frozen pizza in the oven, I was dreaming of fancy pastas and lovely men and women with Italian mamas.

And when I got to the end, I felt like the whole town of Sacramento, California had achieved its happy-ever-after. Would that it were true! I’d recommend this book for people who enjoy rich relationships, complex back story, interweaving plot lines, and piquant sensory detail.

As a bonus, there are recipes! Maybe I’ll cook…. Before I go, though, let me whisper one unexpected word: magic.

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