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Hanging Out Over at Diverse Reader…

I have a guest post up at Diverse Reader on this year’s GRL:

This is my third GRL in four years—I missed last year—and my second time around as a Featured Author. It’s also the first time that GRL hasn’t featured a vendor room, and as such, the first time I don’t have to watch over a table for Queer Sci Fi and QueeRomance Ink.

Which means my time is open to hang out with my fellow authors and the many great readers who come to this event. I’ve reached the point in my career where I have a pretty decent backlist, and I have a new book coming out just before GRL – “The Shoreless Sea,” the final book in my Liminal Sky Trilogy. So I’ll have a lot to celebrate…

Check out the full post, and find out what I want most from GRL this year. 😉

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