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I’m Liking Something Today…

Jay Brannan

Hey all… I just posted my monthly thing I like at the Mischief Corner Books blog:

Today, gay singer Jay Brannan:

Once a month, the giant Stuff We Like hand turns around and points to me, and I have to decide which of the many things I like is the one to get shared this time around.

This week, I had NO IDEA what to write about. I’ve done Jelly Bellies, my distant relative Elizabeth Coatsworth, Robotech, and the Italian language. What’s left?

Then, like a star from heaven, one of my favorite gay singers appeared in my inbox with a new album.

I first ran across Jay Brannan when I saw a video for his song “Your Body’s a Temple” on VH1. Remember when music video channels used to play music videos? I fell in love with the sensuality of it, and tracked down the album (yeah, this was pre-Shazam too)…

Read the whole thing here:

You can get the CD here: (Jay gets the most money from this one)

or from iTunes:

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