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Lander CoverIt’s release day for “Lander,” and the reviews are starting to come in. I’m thrilled!”

“I’m not sure I can do justice to this book with a mere review, but I’ll try. I loved the first book, Skythane, but Lander surpasses it… Oh, my goodness, I could not put this book down! … Very exciting, well worth the wait for the next episode. I can tell you no more without risk of spoilers. Sorry (not sorry)!” —Becky Condit, USA Today HEA Blog

“Mr. Coatsworth’s world-building is truly outstanding, it’s not easy to create a world that feels so realistic and he does it here in this series with what seems like relative ease. The writing is really good and the book is fast-paced, interesting and very enjoyable.” –Bayou Book Junkie

So this is my official first 5 star review of 2018 and what a phenomenal second book in this series. The action was non-stop from start to finish leaving this reader wanting the next book in the Cycle NOW!… I truly can not recommend this series any more than I’ve already fangirled all over this review.” —Chris, Wicked Faerie

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