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Interview: Love Romance Reads

Hey all… I’m featured over at LRR today. A sample:

What kind of research do you do when you set out to write a new book?

It really depends on the story. For one sci fi tale about climate change, Mark and I actually visited the parts of San Francisco where the story takes place and walked the route to see what a 25 foot increase in sea level would do to the city. That was a fun trip! For my story “Slow Thaw,” set in Antarctica, I scoured the web for sites to tell me what life was like there – the dangers, the food, the local slang — and I’m really happy with how it came out. And for “Dropnauts,” as mentioned, I did a lot of research too, finding out that lava tubes on the moon would be a great place for a base, that moon dust is worse for your lungs than asbestos but might also be perfect for 3D printing, and that there’s a huge mass buried underneath the south pole of the moon. Research is fun!

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