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It’s Double Release Day!

When it rains, it pours.

Today I have not just one but two new stories releasing.

MCBQuarterlyVol4-4x6The first is my short story – Repetition – coming out in the MCB Quarterly from Mischief Corner Books:

Davis plays with people’s lives, changing timelines like other men change clothes. But he always keeps his own timeline out of it by remembering his mantra:

You’re not God.
Never mess with your own past.
Remember, you’re not God.

But this time things are different – his new client is a man from Davis’s own past who wants to go back into the closet. Things are bound to get messy.

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myths-untold-faery-glowAnd the second one is Through the Veil, a novella in the new anthology from Wilde City – Myths Untold: Faery:

In the not-too-distant future, San Francisco has been swamped by rising sea levels caused by global warming, and has only survived by building a wall to keep the water out of the heart of the City.

Colton is a trans man barely getting by on the canals outside the wall. Tris is an elf who has come to the human world on his journey to become a man.

Fate brings them together, and everything changes for Colton when he sets out with Tris to find the elf’s missing brother, taking Colton behind the Wall for the first time.

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Available in all other venues in about a week!

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