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Jessie G. Gives “This Wish Tonight” Four Stars

Thanks to the amazing Jessie G. for the Four Star Review:

Jessie G

We move onto Wonderland, which seemed the longest of the three short stories and tells a post-apocalyptic story. After months of believing he’s the last man standing and almost accepting the absolute loneliness that comes with it, Zeke finds Nathan injured on his doorstep. Nathan has been walking across the country with Andy, who’s…well, not what we think. He also thinks they are the last survivors until he spies Zeke. Attacked by rapid dogs, he barely makes it to Zeke’s doorstep before it’s too late. The proof that they are not alone is only the beginning and brings to the surface the absolutely longing for human connection, hope, and fear. But it’s Christmas and miracles abound – not only for two desperate men who need each other, but for the future of the world they thought was doomed forever. With a nod to an old sitcom at the end, it was impossible not to root for Zeke and Nathan.

Thanks so much, Jessie!

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