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“Lander” is Red Hot


Some more reviews coming in for Lander, and OMG they are making me cry:

“Yes, it’s beautifully written. But it’s more than that. It’s vast. It’s huge on every scale you can think to rate a story. It hits home emotionally, it’s suspenseful, it grabs at you intellectually, keeps you thinking about all the possibilities that may lie in store, and yes, makes you anxiously await the final chapter… What joy!” —Melanie, Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

“‘Lander’ is the fantastic second novel in the ‘Oberon Cycle’ series… an explosive story that held my attention from the first page and never let up. If you like stories that boggle your mind at every turn, if you want to expand your imagination and grapple with some very unusual concepts, and if you’re looking for a read that is action-packed, suspenseful to the last page, full of revelations and new mystery, then you will probably like this novel… there has got to be a whole lot more to come.” —Serena, Rainbow Book Reviews

“To keep all this stuff straight and working, you need good worldbuilding. This is something Scott Coatsworth does so very, very well. The competing fantasy/tech threads are woven very cleverly into a consistent picture. That’s hard enough to do in either sci-fi or fantasy. Combining the two? Scott gets major kudos for his achievement here and a bow from yours truly, because worldbuilding is my **jam**. Love it when it’s done well.” —Anna Butler, Love that’s Out of this World

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