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Love Bytes Loves Skythane

Another great Skythane review, this one by Dan at Love Bytes Reviews:

Love Bytes SkythaneI really liked this one. I reviewed The Autumn Lands from this author last year and thoroughly enjoyed that one, so when I saw this one pop up on our list, I grabbed it. I’m glad I did.

Mr. Coatsworth has created a believable world and populated it with believable characters. It was a fast read, and I didn’t want to put it down once I started it.

What I especially like about this author is his ability to pop little things into a story that grab you. They have nothing to do really with the bigger story, but they’re the things I remember best post read. One was a little boy on the shuttle when Jameson was arriving on Oberon. It tugged my heartstrings when the boy started crying when the shuttle power cut out. As a reader, I had no idea who this kid was, but the line tugged. Then there was a scene where they fly over a large animal clinging to a log in a flooded river, an animal who looked up “forlornly” as they flew over. Again, a tug. In both cases I actually pictured the subject and popped into their point of view. Both made me sad, but particularly the forlorn animal. I might even admit to a brief moment of eye welling on the “its eyes glinted as it looked up at them forlornly” line. Great job Mr. Coatsworth.

I highly recommend Skythane, and I’m really hoping there is a sequel soon!


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