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MORE REVIEWS: The Shoreless Sea

The Shoreless Sea
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TheMore reviews streamed in this last week.

Chris at Wicked Faeries absolutely loved it:

Wicked Faeries - The Shoreless Sea

“The characters in this book are extremely well developed, and have complex POVs, that carry into the story as they weave their parts into the full story…. pick up this book if you’ve read the rest of the series, or the whole series if you’ve never read it. It’s so worth it!!”

Veronica at Joyfully Jay got into the meat of the story:

“The books are all well-written and the pace is brisk as we jump from mind to mind in this menagerie of POV story. It’s a masterful job to keep all the storylines working together and building upon one another… I really enjoyed the ethical and moral questions raised, including how to treat virtual lives—they believe they are alive, so should they be treated with care, or wiped out when inconvenient?… this series is one worth checking out.”

And Erica Robyn got lost in it:

“…so much action and suspense! There were many times when I just couldn’t put this book down… This whole trilogy was so perfect. I cannot recommend it highly enough… These books are just wonderfully written. Be prepared to totally lose yourself.”

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And here are the rest of the series links:

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