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More Skythane Reviews!

SkythaneThey just keep coming in. 😛

First off, from Alicia Nordwell:

“I think the cover of Skythane (which is absolutely gorgeous) pretty much sets the stage for the story. There’s a strong fantasy element, sexy men, and a setting of space/alternate planets…. I loved the threads of similarity between Jameson and Xander. It comes out in vastly different ways, but they have so many of the same wants and needs. In the end, their growing relationship was my favorite part of the story, just edging out the wonderfully descriptive settings J. Scott Coatsworth created.”

See the full review here.

Boy Meets Boy Reviews chimes in too:

To be honest I liked this way more than I expected I would.  I had just finished reading an amazing series and I couldn’t help but compare this book to it.  But, once I got into the story I found myself comparing it less and less.  The world building was fascinating.  It was well thought out; no stone left unturned.  I could tell the author spent tons of time on it, planning it out to the littlest detail… What I loved most was the delicate balance between sci-fi and fantasy that was woven into the book… The romance does take a backseat but I didn’t mind at all, I was busy being distracted by the fabulous world building and enthralling storyline.  They do get their HFN though, don’t worry about that.  And the ending was left open for a sequel which I’m thankful for as I want to know more about this world.  I can’t wait for the next book!4stars

See the full review here.

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