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More Skythane Reviews

SkythaneThe Skythane reviews continue to roll in:

First off, Diane at Hearts on Fire:

“This is a fantastic story – and the first in the Oberon series – which is good since the book ended with a couple of twists with the characters! …The story has elements of mystery, an action adventure story, multiple worlds and an unseen power that could be getting unstable even if many dismiss it as mere superstition. The characters are well written, with a story that starts out steady, but moves to a faster pace once all the parts and characters seem to be in play – but part of that could also be, as a reader, that you start reading faster because you want to know what happens!”


Read the whole review here.

Next, Ben Brock at QSF reviews the book:

“Read it for the diverting fantasy, read it for the endearing characters, or read it for the agreeable plot–no matter how you read Skythane, you’ll love it and Coatsworth will quickly become one of your favorite authors.”

Read the whole review here.

Freya at Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews chimes in with 4.5 stars:

“Like the planet, the book is a story of two halves, cleverly put together, with an interesting cast. It is an in-depth crafted story.  It’s a slow build, where the drama increases the farther into the story one gets. The more I read, the more I was slowly submerged into a world I came to care about.”


Read the whole review here.

And Shorty at MM Good Book Reviews gave Skythane a beautiful review:

“The twists and turns and the buried memories were spellbinding to witness. This book had it all. Drama, mystery, suspense, a corrupt corporation, a world on the brink of destruction, characters that added insight to the ever growing mystery as to what is going on, and two men who discover who they truly are and what they are destined for. Simply put this was a fascinating story that grabs your attention from the start.

I absolutely loved, loved, loved this story. If I could rate it more than a five I would. The Skythane people were described beautifully as well as the worlds themselves. It was so elaborate that I felt as though I was there every step of the way. It was an amazing story from start to finish.

Highly recommended for all.”


Read the whole review here.

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