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More Stops on the Mighty Blog Tour

OK, today is release day, and I’m popping up all over the place.

First off – Garrett Leigh’s great blog:

Garrett Leigh Blog - Between the Lines

Thanks, Garrett!

Then there are the great folks at the Novel Approach:

The Novel Approach - Between the Lines

And my guest post at Inked Rainbow Reads, with the first Five Star review of the book:

This was short enough I read it in about an hour. It’s a fun read with a bit of humor, a bit of drama, and a bit of magic. I loved the snappy dialog and the smooth writing style. I’ll admit, I didn’t like either Brad or Sam at first. But as their stories unfolded, Sam’s actions were understandable, and the revelation of who he was under the surface was great. Brad had a lot of growth for such a short tale. Anything else I say would be spoilers, so you’ll just have to trust me that this one is worth reading for the surprises.

Inked Rainbow Reads

Check out this one, with an adorable photo of me as a child (ok, so maybe I’m a little biased) from World of Diversity:

World of Diversity

Then there’s Charlie Cochet’s Purple Rose Tea House and an exclusive excerpt:

Purple Rose Tea House - Between the Lines

And last but not least, MM Good Book Reviews. This one is fun, ’cause it includes a guest post on how I write:

As a writer, I spend a lot of time staring at a blank computer screen, hoping for inspiration to strike.

It goes something like this:

9 AM: Sit down at the monitor and open Word

9:02 AM: Check my Facebook messages

9:30 AM: Type the first line. “You never really know someone until…”

9:31 AM: Erase the first line

9:32 AM: Remember that I didn’t put my cereal bowl in the dishwasher. Get up to rectify this pressing issue

MM Good Book Reviews - Between the Lines

That’s it for today. Collect them all! The tour resumes Friday.

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