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“Myths Untold: Faery” Stops By Sue Brown’s Blog

Sue BrownToday, Sue Brown hosts another stop for Myths Untold: Faery – this time, Brandon Witt talks about exploring Faery:

One of the reasons I jumped at the chance to be part of this Faery Anthology was for the opportunity to do something different. The idea of this book was two fold. Center around fairies and LGBTQ themes. When I was asked to take part, I wrote back quickly and asked, “Does that mean it doesn’t to be a romance?” The second they said that was exactly what it means, I said yes. I’ve grown to love romance, but I wanted to explore a different side of things.

A side where everything doesn’t work out, where there isn’t a pretty red bow to tie it all together. (Disclaimer: I’m talking about my own story in this book, not the other authors. If what I’m saying scares you, please don’t let it scare you away from the other three authors and stories of this book.)

I wanted to explore a character who was beautiful, rich, powerful, elite, and who then lost it all…

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