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“Myths Untold: Faery” Stops By Andrew Q. Gordon’s Blog

Andrew Q. GordonToday, Andrew Q. Gordon hosts another stop for Myths Untold: Faery – this time, an interview with all the authors:


Gus: Glyn has an eerie beauty. His eyes are violet, though he’s always been told they’re just blue but his blood vessels are near to the surface. Since he’s been a boy, people have always been uncomfortable around him.

Brandon: Quay sees himself as damaged and worthless, yet prides himself in being strong–not letting anything get to him. There is nothing he won’t sacrifice for his younger brother. During the arc of the story, Quay begins to fall in love with another fairy, one who isn’t very good to him, he struggles with the weakness such emotions show.

Scott: Colton has been running all his life, and he’s never learned how to turn around and face things. And Tris… Tris is naive to the ways of the world, but it’s also kind of his superpower, and lets him do things others would think were impossible.
Welcome to Faery.

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