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Lander - J. Scott Coatsworth

Just got a great review for Lander from Melissa at Paranormal Romance Guild and Queer Sci Fi:

“…amazing world building… holy wow does Coatsworth take you on an adventure…. My favorite part of this book is the inclusion of so many interesting and strong characters. They are of all genders and do not follow the stereotypes found in so many books…. In a lot of series, the second book is the weakest. That is so not the case here… Fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy really need to add this series to their libraries. Five stars.”

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1 thought on “NEW REVIEW: Lander”

  1. I’ve taken up your current offer as I’ve enjoyed the well-written books you’ve very generously offered for free: The Last Run was really good and Cailleadhama was really interesting and well written. I’m not sure that the Oberon Cycle style is quite my thing but I’m all in for some great storytelling and worldbuilding with a queer twist. I do quite like your style which has immediacy without brevity, hints without getting bogged down in exposition and deftly tells an engaging story often in short-form format without feeling rushed.

    Look out for some reviews as I plough through my reading list. 🙂

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