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New Review of Between the Lines…

Rainbow Book Reviews

From Lena Grey at Rainbow Book Reviews:

This is a brief but well written love story about two men working in politics, but with different outlooks; for Sam it’s just an internship, but for Brad, it’s where his future lies, despite some of the party’s attitudes being in conflict with his beliefs. Brad is still idealistic enough to think he can make a difference, even though the Republican party’s ideals have shifted from governing and into bargains, bribes, and donations. The medallion is an excellent way to show Brad where he is in life, rather than where he hopes to be and gives him the opportunity to change it. If you like politics, gay men, magical medallions, truth, and honesty, then you may enjoy ‘Between the Lines.’ Thank you, J. Scott, for the informative insight into politics and for reminding us that honesty is the best policy.

Thanks so much, Lena!

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