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Novel Approach Reviewer Chooses “Lander” as One of the Best of 2018

Just got word that Lindsey at the Novel Approach chose “Lander” as one of her fave books of 2018 – what an honor:

Lander by J. Scott Coatsworth – I love a good sci-fi and high fantasy combination. It’s not an easy win for me, though. The world building has to be just right,with the fantasy and technology intertwined clearly enough for me to keep up with what is happening and not get lost. The plot still must be complex enough to keep me interested. Skythane, the first book in The Oberon Cycle, did just that. I couldn’t wait to catch up with Xander and Jameson and see what was in store from them in this second book of the series.

A lot happens in this book, and though I want to gush about all the cool little details and my feelings on certain things, I can’t. Or, more accurately, I won’t. I won’t be going into detail about what happens or specific plot points because part of the enjoyment of it all for me was figuring it out along the way, so in this review, I am going to try to avoid any real information about the plot.

“Lander” and the other eBooks in the trilogy are all 35% off right now at Dreamspinner:



Ithani (Feb 19th)

Hope you enjoy them too!

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