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POINT OF VIEW: Choose My Own Adventure

Fork in the Road - Pixabay

I’m about to write a new novel. Problem is, which one?

I have four possibilities I’m considering, so I thought I’d crowdsource this thing.

Idea One: Liminal Sky Book Five – Fallen Angel: this would be an immediate follow-up to Dropnauts, my currently unsold novel in the Liminal Sky series, but with fewer POV characters and a tighter focus.

Idea Two: Liminal Sky Book Five – Forever: An alternate book 5 in the series – and a recreation of the first book I ever wrote. This one would be a complete retelling of that story from scratch. “The Stark Divide” started as a way to go back in time from this story to Forever’s origin story. I have been waiting to write this book for a long time.

Idea Three: Tharassas the Novel: Tharassas is a new sci fi world for me, unconnected to the Liminal Sky/Oberon universe. It made its debut in “The Last Run,” and also appears in another short story I am working on. It’s an “abandoned” human colony on an alien world, where symbionts are common.

Idea Four: Matchsticks: An idea I have for a fantasy book, where each person has his/her match that enables their combined magical powers to manifest. Not a romance. Matches are rarely romantic. This one would match a gay man with another character as the main protagonists.

So something fun for today. Tell me which one you would like to read, and why!

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