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Point of View: Cover Reveal / Preorder

The Hencha Queen - J. Scott Coatsworth

It’s time for the cover reveal for the third book in the “Tharassas Cycle.” The Hencha Queen will be out on March 14th, and so I thought it would be fun to share the cover evolution.

Kelley York at Sleepy Fox Studios started with a general concept:

Okay, so it’s a good start. But the pose was too static, the clothing too flat, and the staff just wasn’t right. So Kelley adjusted it a bitL

Much better pose. But the eyes and expression are a bit vacant. Not sold on the staff, and the dress color and fabric – just no.

Oooh yes, better expression. And LOVE the staff. But the fabric looks cheap. Can we do something about that? And what about that gauze?

Better fabric. Color’s a bit off. Need to add some embroidery around the nexk and on the leeves, and we need a background, something cold and icy…

Oooh coming along nicely. Color needs a little harmonizing. How about a little text too?

Way better. One last thing… a little magic.

And boom, there it is. I’m thrilled with the new cover… I hope you like it as much as I do.

You can preorder it here:

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