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Point of View: Dreaming of Making the Leap


I want to be a full-time writer.

I mean, yeah, it absolutely scares the shit out of me. But right now, I barely have the time to shave once a week (as you can see), let alone write all the things I want to write.

And yet, when I think about it, I realize that there are so many things that could go wrong:

1) I Could Run Out of Ideas: It’s true. There are a limited number of ideas in my writer brain. Last time I checked, it was hovering around 13,276. If I had enough time, I could write all those stories. I really could. And then I’d be forced to buy new ideas from Magical Jack’s Idea Shack in Ypsilanti, Michigan, with money I don’t have. *shudders*

2) I Might Never Run Out of Ideas: And then again, with so much time on my hands, my idea well might refill itself and I might have too many stories to write. This, of course, would lead to the inevitable mental breakdown. And then I’d sit at Shady Green Acres, staring vacantly off into the distance and drooling out the side of my mouth, thinking about how wonderful it was when I had a steadily paying job.

3. I Am Not Good Enough: My writer brain assures me that I am the most fantastic writer who ever lived. Then in the same breath, it tells me that I suck and couldn’t possibly make a living out of this. I’m pretty sure my actual writing ability falls somewhere in the middle of the two. But still, how do I know I am good enough to make a go of it?

4. About That Steadily Paying Job: Mark and I took a leap years ago and started our own company. It worked out really well for us, and we made a great living at it, but we were younger then. Most writers don’t make enough money to pay their bills without a second income. And I’m not so young anymore. OK, so I haven’t entered crypt-keeper territory yet, but I’m closer to retirement than to high school. So what happens it doesn’t work?

So I’m on the fence about trying to go full-time. I love writing, except when I absolutely hate its guts. But it is something I need to do.

Is it worth it to try to make the leap to full-time?

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3 thoughts on “Point of View: Dreaming of Making the Leap”

  1. I’m one that has the dream of many writers. Because of my disibilities, I’m home all day, every day. Yes, there are times when writing isn’t possible because my brain just says ‘fuck off, I’m asleep’ and it’s impossible for me to concentrate on anything. (I call this ‘the wheel is turning but the hamster is dead’ syndrome.)

    Of course right now I can’t do any work because of the broken laptop thing.

    However, both my sister and my best friend’s wife were able to quit their jobs (thanks to their spouses) and achieve the writer’s dream. And it went really well for them. Melissa was able to self-publish a few books and my sister did a few self-published novelettes and work on her ‘saga’.

    And then, after a year, they had to go back to work. The buffers they had disappeared and they needed to bring home more money than self-publishing could bring in.

    Honestly, I wish, want, and dream of going back to work. I miss it so much. I had to leave my dream job a little over 2yrs ago. But because of that, I was able to achieve my other lifelong dream of becoming published with my co-author. And with a co-author everything is even more difficult, especially when you live a few thousand miles apart.

    So there are some examples of pros and cons. Trust me, you’ll never run out of ideas, ever. And you’re an epic writer so shush about that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This is something Justin and I have been seriously discussing on our end. I am unhappy working where I do, and have been for a while. Now he has a job that pays more than I made at when I was the only one working a couple years ago when I was driving further than he is now, gas prices were higher, and we had more payments to make on various things we no longer have. So it’s something I’ve been seriously considering myself and we’ve been discussing the pros and cons of it all. I can’t give you an answer. It’s something you’ll have to figure out for yourself and decide with your partner. Just know you aren’t alone, your fears are validate,and your fans will support you no matter what. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. All I can say is look before you leap, and you will kick yourself if you shuffle off this mortal coil without knowing what would have happened. On the other hand, owning your own business is no small thing! (This is why people don’t ask me things!)

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