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Point of View: Exclusive Scene from Ithani

Hey all…

I’m rounding the bend on Ithani and heading for the finish line. This is one of the most difficult books I’ve written yet, but when it all comes together, I think it’s gonna be awesome. 🙂

I thought I’d shake things up a bit and share an advance scene for all the folks out there who love Morgan. Enjoy!


Morgan watched the man go.

The city below was in ruins, but it would rise again, given time.

He was an agent of the Ithani, but for some reason, he felt a bond with these humans—lander and skythane both.

When he’d first been sent to do the work of his masters, it had seemed a simple enough task. Lead the skythane to their prophesied destiny, and bring the world back together as one, so the ithani plan could proceed.

He’d never thought to question the plan.

Not until Jameson had held his had and begged him to spare Quince’s life.

Something had shifted in him. Something had awoken.

It had caused him no end of trouble. Suddenly he was no longer sure of himself. No longer secure in the plan. he’d even started to question the things he’d been told all along. How the world had been split. Who had caused it. And even if the plan was right at all.

If it went ahead, thousands would die.

People he knew. People who had come to call him friend.

The old Morgan could have lived with that. Probably wouldn’t have even noticed it.

But there was something stirring in him that was causing him to re-evaluate everything, and to take his own steps outside of the plan to find out if it was right.

That something was named Tanner.



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