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POINT OF VIEW: Getting Up With the Roosters

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I’m trying something new.

Anyone who knows me knows I am insanely busy, all the time. Mark and I run about twelve websites, plus I’m both a writer AND a human who occasionally needs to eat and sleep.

In the past, I would write when Mark went to the gym, usually between 12 and 1:30 PM. But now, with the Covid19 crisis, there’s no more gym. And although Mark is awesome at staying out of the way during writing time, more and more I’m edging into writing time with other work, losing 15-30 minutes (sometimes more) when I could be creating new worlds.

I’ve also used a lot of my “good energy” by noon each day.

So I’m trying something different.

I’m moving my getting-up time an hour earlier, to 5:30 AM (sticks tongue out at the lucky sod in the picture above who gets to sleep in until 7).

I am making my writing (literally) my first priority, as I take back most of my titles and prepare to self publish them and put out new on my own.

I also hope that I will be fresher first thing in the morning.

I tried it today, and edited four pages of an old short story I am refreshing AND wrote 1200 words in my latest novel, “Twin Moons Rising.” It was a good start, and I am hopeful that it will make a big difference over time.

So wish me luck – I’ll check back with y’all next week to let you know how it’s going.

To my writer friends, how do you prioritize your writing time? And do you find it makes a difference when you write? And where?

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