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Point of View: Holiday Wishes

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With the holidays upon us, I thought I’d offer something a little different this week. Here are my holiday wishes.

I wish for the fighting to come to an end, and for the world to find a way to start the difficult work of mending and rebuilding.

I wish for the lonely to find a place where they belong, in this holiday season and beyond.

I wish for a restoration of civility in my own country and around the world, a reminder that we can disagree without resorting to hateful rhetoric or violence.

I wish for an end to the con men, the liars, the cheats and thieves, and that we will all turn our collective backs on their malfeasance.

I wish for technology to once again become a beacon of hope, harnessed to solve our problems and create wonder, instead of being used to divide us and to sell us more things we don’t need.

I wish for simplicity, clarity and wisdom in the face of so many things that seek to bend the reality around me.

I wish for progressive, liberals, and everyone on the left to come together and remember what the real threats are, to set aside those things which divide us and articulate a vision of a better, kinder world.

I wish for the continued growth of green technology that may one day help save us from ourselves and this mess we have wrought on our only home.

I wish for us to remember to see the awe and beauty all around us, and to share it with our friends and family far more often than we share the hatred and anger and grief we are seeped in every day.

I wish for health for those people in my life who are suffering from grave illness, and for peace for those who are facing their final days.

I wish for the return of light with the advent of spring, and the refreshing winter rains that clear away the dust of the old year and set the stage for bright green sprigs of growth.

Most of all, I wish for the return of hope, of promised tomorrows, of a new day that just might be better than the last.

In this darkest of times, during this darkest of seasons, may you and yours find love and light, and share it far and wide.

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