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Point of View: Informed and Overwhelmed


Have you ever gone to a really good con or retreat, and when it’s over, your brain is so stuffed full of information that you think it’s gonna burst?

I just got back from the 2017 Dreamspinner Retreat. It was an amazing experience – I can still see the look of stunned amazement on Elizabeth’s face when she was presented with this beautiful painting by Paul Richmond celebrating how her vision for Dreamspinner rippled through the queer romance world:


And the networking was fantastic, not to mention just having the chance to hang with old friends and make new ones.

I took copious notes from seminars by the likes of Amy Lane, Damon Suede, Poppy Dennison and others. I have so many handouts and ideas and to-do lists that they were all but falling out of my backpack on the way home.

Now I’m back in my writer’s cave, and I’m wondering how I even begin to process this amazing amount of data and ideas? How do I take all those great ideas and turn them into action?

It’s gonna take some time, but I’m determined to do it.

My first step? Get everything scanned in, and go through my notes to make an action list. Check!

It’s a looooong list. *cries a little*

Have y’all ever gone to a great retreat or con and been overwhelmed when you got home? How do you deal with all the information that’s thrown at you? Or do you just file it away with good intentions and never look at it again? *grin*

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