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POINT OF VIEW: It’s a New Year

It’s 2020 and time for the obligatory “goals for the new year” column.

But let’s flip that on its head and instead put some hope out into the world.

So for 2020, I hope that:

  1. My country and the world will find a way back to some form of sanity.
  2. My friends in the UK will find a way to make their new reality (post-Brexit) work.
  3. RuPaul will have an outstanding season of Drag Race.
  4. I will find a way to reach out and connect to friends and family I disagree with, and find some common ground.
  5. Mark and I will find a way to balance the incredible demands of work with our lives, and not go entirely crazy.
  6. Oreos will finally come out with a “peeps” version – with pink and yellow filling.
  7. My writing career will take off in some wonderful and unexpected ways.
  8. Our friends and family struggling with illness will get the answers they seek, the relief they need, and the spoons to deal with their lives day to day.
  9. Australia will stop burning.
  10. We will find a way to begin to confront the reality of climate change.
  11. Someone will finally do another season of Robotech.
  12. I will become fluent in Italian, and not feel like I am just struggling with it every day.
  13. We’ll finally find out if Will is really gay.
  14. The morning paper will stop getting smaller and smaller, and the newspaper business will find a way to grow again without sacrificing its dignity.
  15. Our community of writers will find its way back to peace, and not be rocked by another scandal.
  16. Marvel and Star Wars will stop jerking us around and give us some real queer film heroes.
  17. Life will, somehow, go on.

OK, your turn. What are your hopes for 2020? Share!

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