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Point of View: It’s the Same Story, Dammit.

al-gnOK, so I’m knee-deep into a new project called “The Great North” (I know, I know, but this one had a deadline). It’s a post-apocalyptic retelling of a legend, and it’s unlike anything that I have done so far.

Or so I thought.

So I’m writing along, with my loose outline in a spreadsheet at my side to track all the stuff writers have to track when they write, and my latest crush – mint milanos – at my side. It’s new. it’s fresh. And best of all, it’s working.

And then I start to notice things.

My first protagonist is a young gay, brown-haired man in a medieval village, scared of his sexuality.

Just like in my earlier story, “The Autumn Lands”.

The other is a slightly older blond stranger who arrives in a caravan.

Just like in “The Autumn Lands”.

Oh, and he has a secret.

At this point, I’m officially starting to freak out. I’m a crap writer who doesn’t know what the hell he is doing. I’ve run out of new stories to tell. Oh crap, I’m a total fraud!

So I close my eyes, take ten deep breaths, and try to calm down. No body loves a crazy writer is a writer.

I can deal with this.

First of all, “The Great North” story is not a quest story. “The Autumn Lands” is most definitely a quest story.

The characters are fundamentally different, despite the superficial similarities.

And after the set-up, “The Great North” veers off in a whole different direction. Or at least it will now. *grin*

I start to breathe normally again. I can do this. I can write again. This story’s gonna be fricking awesome! F@ck yeah! And it’s gonna be nothing like “The Autumn Lands” when I’m done with it.

I make myself a mental note for the next story. No more damned caravans.

Do you ever find yourself writing the same story?

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