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POINT OF VIEW: My Open Relationship With Book Distribution


Hey all,

I’ve just started self publishing, along with my more traditionally published works. “The River City Chronicles” came out last month, and I just published my first re-release, my very first published story, “The Bear at the Bar.”

I’m in a bit of a dating phase now, flitting from distributor to distributor to see who I like best. I’ve used Ingram Spark, Amazon, and Direct2Digital so far.

Amazon has the biggest arms and the best pecs, but he can be kind of a douche sometimes, and he won’t give me his phone number or email.

Direct2Digital is great, but he’s a little shy-nerdy sometimes, and he’s always giving me tips for all kinds of crazy self-pub things, whether I need them or not.

And Ingram Spark is more the strong, stoic type – he responds when I ask him a question, but he tends to hide his emotions and is very hard to draw into a conversation – especially about my feelings.

The one I’ve given my heart to, though, is not even a distributor, but my formatting app. Vellum arrived on my doorstep with his arms full of top of the chapter graphic possibilities, and before I knew what had happened, he’d swept me off my feet with his sweet sweet fonts and multiple formatting options. I don’t even care that he works with other authors. When he’s with me, he has eyes for me alone.

So that’s where I’m at. Maybe one of the distributors will break through my icy author reserve and claim my heart, or maybe we’ll just resolve to work together and keep it professional.

For my author friends, how goes your self pub romance?

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